FullPivot help entrepreneurs with business networking and other routes to market

06 September 2022

Communication with other professionals in an industry can lead to a wide range of business networking benefits for an entrepreneur.

Many entrepreneurs see the potential that networking can bring to their future growth; although some may find it difficult to begin networking. If they lack the confidence and motivation to seek out a business network it could be detrimental to their future success. 

The FullPivot Marketing Hub can help an entrepreneur looking to use business networking, by providing:

Elevator pitches – If an entrepreneur is ready to attend their first business networking event, they can download the highly effective 2 minute pitch. This powerful introduction will enable someone to highlight the problems businesses are facing and the benefits of the Eazi-Sites technology solutions.

Presentations – An entrepreneur can Access a 10 minute presentation that can be delivered at a networking event. This is the perfect opportunity to illustrate how the service a business provides can help a customer or client.

Follow-up strategies –Follow up with prospects after a meeting with emails, brochures and messages on social media. Download the FullPivot comprehensive content pack and start turning connections into customers with just a few clicks.

With the help of the FullPivot Marketing Hub, entrepreneurs will be able to increase sales with professionally created marketing collateral. 

The FullPivot Marketing Hub covers 5 recommended routes to market that an entrepreneur should be utilising when growing their business, and is an invaluable resource in bringing structure to anyone’s sales approach.

FullPivot are on a one-way journey to ensure entrepreneurs and local businesses have the tools necessary to thrive within the mobile app industry. Whether you are new to business or not, FullPivot have created a pathway to success with their marketing hub, professionally designed brochures, business cards and a promotional website. They have helped partners in over 40 countries launch their own business quickly.

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