FullPivot offers a social media marketing tool that helps entrepreneurs increase sales

14 September 2022

According to WebStrategies, companies typically spend 15% to 25% of their total digital marketing budget on social media.

With the innovative FullPivot marketing hub, an entrepreneur will have a wealth of social media marketing material to utilise. 

The content an entrepreneur will be able to use includes:

Targeted online ads

It has never been easier for entrepreneurs to deliver highly targeted online ads. They can attract new customers with an extensive library of social media adverts. Access everything needed to get started including powerful content and a step by step guide.

Social media posts 

Keeping followers engaged with regular posts enabling customer acquisition and retention. It can be difficult however to find the time to create interesting content. An entrepreneur can download new social media posts each week designed to position them as an expert.

Sharable content 

This is the perfect opportunity to experience exponential growth by posting highly sharable content. FullPivot have agency standard webinars, explainer videos and infographics customers will love to promote. 

With the help of the FullPivot Marketing Hub, entrepreneurs will be able to increase sales with professionally created marketing collateral. 

The FullPivot Marketing Hub covers 5 recommended routes to market that an entrepreneur should be utilising when growing their business, and is an invaluable resource in bringing structure to anyone’s sales approach.

FullPivot are on a one-way journey to ensure entrepreneurs and local businesses have the tools necessary to thrive. Whether you are new to business or not, FullPivot have created a pathway to success with their marketing hub, professionally designed brochures, business cards and a promotional website. They have helped partners in over 40 countries launch their own business quickly.

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