AC Focus Brings Big Savings for Starbucks

18 October 2023

Starbucks in Mumbai feels the benefits of Eniscope & ACES 2
As with all energy projects executed by Best.Energy Partners globally, this project at a store in Mumbai started with an Eniscope 8 Channel monitoring system being installed on-site. This provided full energy use visibility at a minute-by-minute level, allowing the partner, Efligence, to analyse where energy was being wasted. 
The first and most significant area of waste identified was air conditioning, which made it a perfect application case for the ACES 2 - a smart air con control product designed and created by Best.Energy. This store was the first in the world to receive the ACES 2 product, and the impact the solution delivered was powerful.
Headline project figures:
•AC operating hour reduction of 4.5 hours
•2,500-unit reduction in energy usage
•Cost savings per month of ₹31,200
•11% energy reduction on the AC
The Solution
What do you do when human error is causing energy wastage? 
You remove humans from the equation. The team at Efligence were able to do just that, introducing the ACES 2 product to provide remote control and scheduling capabilities to the air conditioning units on site at the Starbucks store. 
A combination of the energy visibility provided by Eniscope, and the scheduling capabilities of the ACES 2, meant that the air con operation period could be brought down to just 18.5 hours with no impact on customer or staff comfort.
And what’s more? Within the space of just a couple of months, the store was saving over $5,000 a year!
What’s in store for future?
“We are proud to be working with such a prestigious global brand, who are admirably committed to saving energy and reducing their carbon footprint. With our solution, we’ve delivered them an ROI of just 4 months. Next up, we’re looking at how we can roll this solution out to every Starbucks across India.”
-Bhargav Ramachandran, CEO @ Efligence Informatics

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